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A museum is a place where vintage things and art are preserved for people to be viewed. A trip to some museum imparts us knowledge about the civilisation of days gone by.

I used to be fortunate enough to really have a opportunity to see Natural History Museum in Delhi. It is housed in a massive building, split into various sections. Each section has different exhibits.

There is a model of a battle scene in a glass case.

The adjoining room has articles of household use, dug up from old historical sites. They give a picture of the domestic life of the ancient folks. There are pans and pots, silver ornaments, bangles, footwear, clothes and musical instruments of various sorts.

Another section has a high number of paintings. These are paintings of court scenes, fights of wild animals and dancing, horse races. The paintings of the Mughal period will be the amazing specimens of artwork.

One section has versions of dams, irrigation schemes and hydro electric projects. There are records of the achievements made by Indian states after independence. This shows how our nation is marching towards progress and prosperity.