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If I became prime minister of India ,I would make reforms in planning and implementation. First I bring educational reforms and I eradicate some institutions which has become white elephant to government.I will increase professional colleges all over country and I will give reservation for rural economic backward people.So that these people will develop their villages.I will also provide many efficient methods for artisans to improve their skills. I will give funds for scientific field to invent new methods for utilization of Solar energy for our energy needs and thus decrease import of oil from other countries.And also encourage to invent new drugs for chronic diseases .For providing basic needs to all people I will take certain steps,I will take below poverty level people and divide them into groups young age,middle age and old age .We will train them to bring their hidden abilities and make them a good artisan.I will strictly take actions on people who encourage communal violence based on caste, religion,regions and the people who cause damage to public property government will collect money fromthem.To avoid terror attacks I will strengthen security by forming an Institution which will connect three security forces together.I will bring transparency in all sectors by using technology.I will encourage IT industry to bring vast change in government system and also increase productivity.I will also make good negotiations with other countries.Within one day for one person it may not be possible but many impossible things can be possible only when people become unity.
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