By proofing them that
And that depends of what u have to be the leader
Like if basketball leader than u should be good at that sport and u have to tell ur team about ur victories , certificates ,trophies
If school head than u should be good at studies ,sports ,co curricular activities and the same tell them about ur victory ,certificates
Hope i helped u
Everyone trust and believe one as a leader when they know that they can no matter what . Help the weak people around u no matter what u do . Like ur a class monitor but show others even u are a good model in sports and other activities . Also put afford to do your best and achieve objectives like getting good marks and trophies and certificates .character also play a significant role be good mannered and have a strong mature behavior . This will make others know that u have a steady mind not a childish one . ..... Hope this will help u !! Have I !!?
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