Synthetic materials such as canvas and polyester have replaced skins and hides. Much lighter and easier to clean.New designers incorporate traditional styles into modern wear.Clothing is most likely handed down from generation to generation depending on the quality of the material.Inuit still make traditional kamiik with the outer parts made of skins/fur but the lining is duffel as it keeps you warm even when it gets wet.Most northerners come to the South to shop for clothing as there are no clothing outlets in most northern communities. Internet shopping has also made life easier in getting the newest styles. Inuit still prefer the traditional way of preparing skins if it will be used for hunting clothing, as tanned skins are easier to rip and they get really loose. More Inuit are now embracing their culture; therefore, more traditional designs are being worn by Inuit.Inuit still make their own hunting gear to suit the environment that they are situated in.Inuit are working to protect Intellectual Property Rights because traditional designs are being used by non-Inuit to make profits
In tradiotnal clothing we wear sari , dhoti, etc and in mdern fashion we wear skirt , long shirt, etc