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nylon:: this synthetic fibre is strong,resistant,and dyes easily but this fades,generates electricity/crakles and sparks(static electricity)
acrylic:: these fibres are light weight, odor resistant,cleans easily but has more bulk,is not strong,and satined by oil grease etc..
rayon:: these fibres are more absorbent,light weighted,flexible,comfortable but these are expensive,burns easily,forms wrinkles etc..
olefiin::these are inexpensive,light weight,doent absorb moisture,and cleans up easily but compresses easily,gets discolored by oil etc..
polyster::this fabric has many advantages it doesnt shrink and doesnt forms wrinkles,doesnt absorb moisture but this is plastic and we dont get a natural feeling,this doesnt absorb dyes.
acetate::this fabric has luxurious feel and silky appearance,comfortable but it is heat sensitive and fades,and this is a weak fibre.

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