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Shathi: Hello, Farzana. How are you?
Farzana: I’m fine and what about you?
Shathi: I’m fine too. It is long time since I met you last.
Farzana: But we have kept constant contact over mobile phone.
Shathi: Yes this mobile phone has become a very important factor in our life. We cannot do without it for a single day
Farjana: Right. It has reduced uncertainly doubt, anxious waiting and painful suspense. In fact, it has made our life easy and comfortable.
Shathi: And it has made our global communication dynamic and faster.
Farzana: But it has some disadvantages too.
Shathi: Right you are. It causes brain tumor, genetic damage and many other incurable diseases.
Farzana: Yes during conversation, the blood brain barrier may get damaged, the blood pressure may get high and the red blood cells may get affected.
Shathi: It is also hazardous for the children and pregnant women.
Farzana: The criminals are also carrying out their operations with the help of it.
Shathi: Besides, it causes a lot of harm to the teenagers. They can easily contact with their so called lovers in season and out of season.
Farzana: All these are very true. Though we are getting immense benefits from it, we should use it with care and caution to avoid its demerits.