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Chapter 1-----A Slave Among Slaves - In the first chapter, the reader is given a vivid yet brief sight of the life of slaves, as seen from the author's point of view. Basically, it speaks of the hardships the slaves endured before independence, their dedication for their masters, and their joys and hassles after liberty. The first chapter explains about his suffering in that plantation and the end days of his slavery.The author feels that his life had its beginning in midst of the most miserable surroundings.Chapter 2-------Boyhood Days – In the second chapter, the reader learns the importance of naming oneself as a means of reaffirming freedom and the extent to which freedmen and women would go to reunite their families. After families had reunited and named themselves, they would then seek out employment (usually far from their former masters). The reader learns the story behind the author's name: Booker Taliaferro Washington. The second chapter also gives an account of cruel child labour on the mines at the city of Malden. Furthermore, Booker is badly attracted towards education and oscillates between the extensive schedule of the day's work and the school. The second chapter also describes the role of Booker's mother and her character. She was very much supporting to him and would fulfill his needs at any cost.