my favorite hobby is gardening.i love to plants trees in my small backyard.i plant many herbs and even vegetables. i grow carrots,lemon tree, fenugreek and even i have rose bushes.i daily spend one hour in my garden and feel refreshed.i love giving water to my plants and when the carrots,fenugreek and lemons gets ripen i even use them in my garden.

hobby is an activity done by an individual during his or her leisure time . it is done for pleasure and relaxation. When we have worked continusoly for some time we need relaxation . to pursue hobbies is the best way of relaxing. my favourite hobby is reading books .

                            books are a life long source of pleasure, instruction and inspiration . they are the most faithful of friends . reading books gives me the highest kind of pleasure . there are many types of books such as novels,which gives us pleasure and amusement , books on history ,philosophy ,religion ,travel and science .

          our friends may change or die but books are constant companions . no wonder a reader becomes a book lawyer a wonderful human being .