The leader is the head of a group or a community. So it makes a difference if someone has a good leader to guide them to the write way and people start expecting more from them. Its same with the current Indian government when you have a great well-known leader like Narendra Modi everyone believes that he has the potential and is deserving to this post as a prime minister. Everyone knows what all unbelievable thing which he has made in Gujarat he has made the state wonderful in a period of 10 years. When people get to know that their leader is so passionate about his job and patriotic it is quite obvious that the public will want more and more progression of the country they want he prices to come down and they need him to help the farmers, they want the increase in rupee price so that costs of all other thing decrease too. 

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I want that the current government should not the corrupt one like the last one. and they should make India more beautiful than other countries. and all the people get jobs. all deserved people should get jobs but not through the cast or creed.