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Malaria Mosquito : Hi , how are you dengue
 Dengue mosquito : Hi , how are you I'm fine malaria
Malaria : I 'm fine
 Dengue : We met after so many days
Malaria Mosquito : Ha this time because of the many members had dengue
Dengue mosquito : Dengue fever has become almost I think 30 members Malaria mosquitoes : malaria spread around only 30 members to 50 members I 'm great , I only Do not lie to say really
 Malaria Mosquito : Yes true
Dengue mosquito : you more than I will spread only for people fastely dengu
Malaria Mosquito : I like it because you can spread even faster
Dengue mosquito : a procedure for you invading red blood cells and is transmitted by mosquitoes , which is a fever caused by a protozoan parasite
 Malaria Mosquito : Yes , that's right , but it is so dangerous
Dengue mosquito : to me only in the process of viral disease transmitted by Joint mosquitoes and pain
 Malaria Mosquito : Yes , my great dengue Dengue Mosquito : No , we are great
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