yeah the digital technology it improves our lives every well. they help us to do all our works easily and there would be no stress. digital technology is a coin that has 2 sides of advantages and even dis-advantages. I am talking about only its advantages. they digital technology has made our live stress less full. this digital technology is now regularly used in all kinds of fields like agriculture, education, to do banking and all other types of work which is done by us.

            yeah we can easily use digital technology for the progress of country and the citizens. this digital technology is now also used in few places of our country, and this can be implemented in few places and it is taking place also. so that the country can develop even more faster than ever before. this can develop our countries economy also.

hope so my answer is useful..........^_^  !!!!
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i feel some time it loses our knowledge by reading books we gain a lot of knowledge by by this digital technology we just browse in few minutes so we all stopped reading books so in ways it helps us a lot  we need just use it in better way so the digital technology for the progress of country and citizens  but digital technology is also helpful or us in many way like if you want any answer quickly it helps you get your answers in seconds of time so it is useful to gain knowledge it gives us better information what we want i think that the country and citizens should do is to develop that country and knowledge of a person 
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