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7½" x 10" white card stock (folded in half)pencilscissorsglue stick8½" x 11" blue card stock (folded in half)silver glitter dome stickerssilver glitter glue
 Using the fold of the white card stock as the centre of the tree, with a pencil, draw half of a triangle, starting just a few millimetres from the top and ending about an inch from the bottom at a width of about 2". 

2 Divide the triangle into four horizontal sections and draw a wavy line at each mark. Using scissors, cut along each line. Open and flip the tree shape inside out, reinforcing the fold along the edges so the four sections point

3 Using the glue stick, mount this piece onto the blue card stock. Use glitter dome stickers and glitter glue to decorate the tree. Let the glitter glue dry completely before closing the card.
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