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As one becomes immersed in these discussions it becomes difficult to keep the lid on one’s curiosity. For instance, many things do not make sense and in particular the creation of Hydrogen and Helium and possibly some of the other elements that are said to be made during the big bang or the supernovae, events which are said to create short lived radioactive elements.

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i just wanted to know that from where we get it is created or does it occur naturally??
Some naturally occurring and artificially produced isotopes are radioactive. The nucleus of a radioactive isotope is unstable; radioactive isotopes spontaneously decay, emitting alpha, beta, and gamma rays until they reach a stability, usually in the state of a different element.
Did it help u Himadri89
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Radioactive elements occur naturally , e.g. Ur , Rd , etc .

We can also create radioactive elements by making a nucleus unstable by bombarding it with some extra neutrons , A free neutron is itself is unstable ,