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Sub: My Holidays

Holidays is one of the most memorable moment of every individual's life. It have some cherishing moments and those memories will always remain on the heat till the last breathe.

This time I have spent my holidays at Delhi for the first time. Delhi being the capital of India, the life is bit fast, on the first day itself I have an enormous fast life in front of me by travelling through the Metro Train. The technology to use the metro train is simply brilliant.

Then comes the India Gate, Redfort, Qutub Minar and much more, All the places are unique and have there own respect and message to spread to the whole citizen of the world.

Each and every historic monuments have been taken care of by the Government of India and the cherishing weather when I was at those places, added an additional fragrance to the air I breathe and proud to be an Indian.

I would never be able to forget the Holiday trip to Delhi in my life.

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