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dear diary 
 I have really enjoyed the diwali festival. this year has been brighter and more colourful than ever. I decorated my house with lots 
of colours and lights. I helped my family to make a rangoli pattern on my doorstep; the one I made was made out of flour, rice and many different spices. My favourite colour on the rangoli is the colour of the curry powder. My whole family went shopping on the weekend to new outfits for the occasion so we can have a fresh start to the New Year. I got a red outfit as it is my favourite colour but also because it is a very lucky colour. we are currently just about to end the second day of the special celebration and have a total of three days left of the festival. The Diwali festival goes for a total of five days.During this festival we celebrate the defeat between good and evil. The city is full of lights for the welcoming home for Rama. Yesterday I got a Mahdi pattern drawn on my hand it is the biggest and best one yet.

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