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Friend I'm giving u some hints .. I think this will help u to make out an extraordinary speech...
   First introduce yourself , then make a gud introduction using some words of famous personalities (this u will get from net). 
  Then figure out some problems or issues going on in your school , then tell what you will do in order to prevent it or what solutions u will find for it if u will become the leader. 
  Then make a gud conclusion also.   
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Good morning
 respected principal ,madams  ,sirs  ,and my dear friends i am  __so and so __(name ) of ___class____ 
today i am standing hear for the role of school captain or -------------,----------today i wan to share my opinion if i become a school captain i will be like a engine of a car that means i will give my best to make you discipline and i will follow the rules and make others to follow the rule and i am promising you that i will  make our school as best and what ever you want like games so i will try to provide it and for every festival i will try to celebrate it in our school and some cultural activities i will try to provide this all  ...........
( what qualities your school has you express it and what ever you need you you express )

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