Democracy has been spreading widely in these few years. This is happening because people are fed up of the monarchical or other types of rule and now want their own government, and want to have a hand and know about all the governmental affairs, and have a right to participate in them. They want their own government and want the right to select their representative. This is the reasom why they r turning towards democratic forms of government.
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Democracy means people should have right to choosde their was defined by abrahim lincoln as the government of the people ,by the people and for the people.if we see the time of kings that time also kalinga established the rule for =people to choose the gov of their england rome greek everywhere this rule was started.but the ques arises why do people choose democratic is so becoz people also want a right to choose their gov they are born free and can not be ruled by anyone then they were fed up by rule of monarchy and established demcratic government