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Our solar system consist of 8 planets, their moons, asteroids ,meteors, comets and ofcourse sun. the planets are mercury, venus , earth, mars,jupiter, saturn , uranus , neptune. the first 4 planets are made up of rocks and called inner planets, others are made up of gases and called outer planets. between mars and jupiter their is asteroid belt , which consist several asteroids. our universe consist of several solar systems and is still expanding.

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Our solar system consists of a  sun and 8 planets named as mercury,Venus,earth,mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune .
the sun is a huge ball of gases that provides light and heat to earth.without the sun, there would be no life on earth.
the mercury is the nearest planet to the sun and Venus is the second planet from sun and also the hottest planet.the only planet in our solar system with life is our earth which is also known as blue planet as 70% of earth is covered with water.mars is the fourth planet and also known as red planet because it is covered with red dust all over.jupiter is the largest and the 5th planet from sun.saturn is a beautiful planet with has the maximum no of moons i.e-63.Uranus is a very beautiful is green colored and the 7th planet from sun.neptune  is the 8th and last planet from the is blue colored and the wind blows very fast in this planet.the universe includes many galaxies,suns and planets.the universe is very vast.the universe was born millions of year ago with a tiny speck of dot.the formation of universe is named as big bang.the universe is expanding now also..................
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