to become more friendly with your friend first share every good and bad that happens with you to your friend and listen carefully to the problems of your friend.suggest good ideas to him/ her and  don,t make him/her  fell low and be more friendly and careful with your friend  .
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True friends are rare to find and difficut to leave. Jump on true friend and beat her up if she does something wrong as you have right to do so not to feel shy while doing this. Don't say uncle and aunty because you have a right to say mom and dad because ''jo tera hai wo mera hai, jo mera hai wo tera....tera dost- mera dost....tere mom,dad- mere mom dad''. Don't support your true friend in doing something wrong you have a right to her back in a correct direction. When you enter your friend's house don't ask ''may I come in'' just go and sit inside as if it is your home....remember? '' jo tera hai wo mera hai- jo mera hai wo tera". Never leave your bestie alone share every ups and downs happened to you in your life......never feel shy to say your bestie that you you love her/ this I end up just these small small things can make your bestie realise your value and importance in its life.......:):)
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