Mini is a very young girl , who plays an important role in the first part of the story. She is extremely talkative and curious about the things around her; she wants to know wants a justification for everything. She just doesn't allow her father to complete th3 seventeenth chapter of his novel as she wanted answers to her innocent and naïve questions. This chatty behaviour is not quite liked by her mother. Her first conversation with the kabuliwala shows how shy she is infront of strangers and how she is so young that she believes stories that she has heard and has imagined. Her acceptance of the raisins, apricotsand also the coin displays her innocence. She had her own little jokes to share with the kabuliwala. The Young mini would laugh and giggle with the Afghan man. Even when he is arrested by the police , she doesn't see the blood stains but only sees him and does not hesitate to have one last conversation with him despite the fact that he was being taken away and was held for doing something wrong. This innocent Mini soon grew up to be a quiet women as seen in the latter half of the story.
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