Insipte of all the progress that we have made , we still discriminate against women in india. this is a a sad phenomenon . the condition of women in villages is all the worse. write a speech in about 120 words on the discrimination faced by human in the 21st century.



Discrimination occurs when you are treated less favorably than another person in a similar situation and this treatment cannot be objectively and reasonably justified.Discrimination enshrined in law – for example, where the law restricts women’s fundamental freedoms or refuses to recognise Indigenous Peoples’ rights – effectively strips away human rights.Discrimination means that certain groups are denied equal protection of the law against violence inflicted on them, such as racist attacks, domestic violence, attacks targeted at people because of their actual or assumed religion or sexual orientation. Many individuals face discrimination based on more than one element of their identity – for example, Indigenous women face discrimination not only as women, but as Indigenous Peoples. Such multiple factors interact and change individuals’ experience of discrimination.From infancy, girls face worse treatment than boys in such forms as selective malnutrition and denial of equal access to education and health services. Women who are not married face many obstacles such as obtaining housing and credit; but married women or widows may also be treated as minors before the law.