A brief note on qutub minar 
Qutub Minar is an Indian historical monument which stands alone as a prime attraction amongst other historical monuments of India. The meaning of Qutub is the pole of justice. It is located in Delhi. Qutub Minar has become one of the tallest and famous towers of the world. It is counted as tallest brick minaret all over the world. It has been listed to the UNESCO world heritage sites. It is a great example of the masterpiece of the Mughal architecture. It is a 73 metre tall minar made up of red sandstones in the architectural style (Indo Islamic architecture) of 13th century. It is one of the tallest minar in conical shape having base diameter of 14.3 meter and top diameter of 2.7 meter. It contains 379 staircases inside it and five distinct stories. A spectacular view of the city looks from the top of minar. 

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Qutub minar is a hist0rical place in india .
it is the largest minar .
many foreigner comes in india to see it.
it is so beautiful.