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Child labour a major concern especially in the developing countries. Well what is this ? it is when humans lose their mind and decide to send their children to work for the cheap extra income, who would otherwise study in  a school like us. It is a major concern in India especially as poverty of the middle classes and lower classes is the cause of the thought about sending their children for physical labour. Though it is banned in  construction sites and factories , in India it still happens in extreme secrecy by giving wrong age information's about the labours. Any  child below 18 who is subjected to physical and sternous labour is a victim of child labour. As i mentioned above that it still happens in secrecy , we as a young generation should try and reduce it in a way we can. Well not protest or anything but to fight against it in a way of spreading this news on social media and if you see a child on any construction site and he or she is subjected to labour , you have all the right to tell this to the police as its legally banned. 
We all have dreams , like us even the children of the poor have dreams.Imagine if your childhood was taken away and you were sent to work in a factory . Your dreams will be shattered. We can also try to educate the people and parents especially who are in the poor section of the society. First poverty has to stop for child labour to stop. We can only do what we can do ,but whatever you do do it for the better.