Tagore's story is a very touching account of longing, companionship & separation. A young postmaster hails from the city to join the newly-founded post-office in a remote village. He feels lonely without company and without much work to do. A village girl, Ratan, helps him in domestic chores; he shares his meals with her; tells her about his relations away in the city and about his sad longings. When the postmaster falls sick, it is Ratan who takes care of him. The postmaster takes the trouble of teaching Ratan, and she comes closer to the elderbrotherly postmaster.However, the village doesn't suit the postmaster who applies for transfer on health grounds. His application is rejected, and the postmaster then decides to resign from the service to go back to the city. As the new postmaster comes, it is time for Ratan's 'dada'[elder brother] to depart by a boat. Ratan wants the postmaster to take her with him, but her prayer is not granted. The postmaster wants to give her some money which she refuses to accept. As the boat leaves the village, Ratan stands with tears streaming down her eyes, her strong hope to depend upon a relationship being broken.
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