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When you use a Debit Card the money is deducted from your checking account.
with a credit card , you r money to be repaid later.
ATM and Debit Card allow u to use ATM, a safe and convenient way to manage your money.
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(1) ATM Card This card is used to withdraw money from your bank account from an ATM machine.
Usually one cannot use this card to pay for purchases at shops or in online stores.

(2) Debit Card This is an improvement on the ATM card. In addition to withdrawing money from your account , you can also use this to pay for purchases at Shops . Some banks also allow it to be used for Online Transaction payments such as booking of railway tickets etc,

In both the above cards whenever you withdraw money or make a payment the amount is debited from your Bank Account . So you can may purchases/withdraw cash only to the extent of money that is available in your account. Nowadays Banks usually provide Debit Cards . This we already have a two in one card by default !

(3)Credit Card The credit card is primarily used for purchases transactions at shops and online establishments. The issuing bank allows you interest free credit amount up to your sanctioned credit limit for a certain number of days - 30/45/60 depending upon the card. At the end of this period known as the billing cycle you can do either one of the following (1) Pay the complete billed amount or (2) Pay the Minimum Amount in which case you will be charged interest for the balance amount till the same is re payed . The card can also be used to withdraw cash up to the allowed cash limit . The interest charges on this are very steep.