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Simple Cake Recipy..!
Flour                              3 Midium Bouls
Baking Pouder.              1tea spoon
Butter.                            3 Midium Bouls
Shuger                           4 Midium Bouls
Eggs                               3
Vanilla Essines               3 drops
Put baking pouder first in Flour. then Grind the shuger. And in seperate boul mix the eggs properly till bubbles becomes to shown.And in Other Seperate boul Mix the Flour and Shuger together, then put the butter in it and Mix it With the help of hand or as you feel better with machine of it..Then Slowly Slowly put Egg Mixture in Flour and Mix it Properly. then Mix vanilla Essence at lastand Mix it..!
Then in Baking Dish, Spread some butter, And put the Mixture in it and Bake it in 45 minutes On 180 Degree..
Then Find a Simple Yummy Cake..! :)
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