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homogeneous mixture :-
1: have uniform composition 
2: particle's size is less then 1 nano-meter .
3: can not be separated by filtration .
4: homogeneous mixture does not shows Tyndall effect .
heterogeneous mixture :-
1: have non-uniform compositions
2: particle 's size is  more then 1 nano-meter .
3: can be separated by filtration . 
4: heterogeneous mixtures shows Tyndall effect .
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A homogeneous mixture is a mixture where the components that make up the mixture are uniformly distributed throughout the mixture. The composition of the mixture is the same throughout.
A heterogeneous mixture 
is a mixture where the components of the mixture are not uniform or have localized regions with different properties. Different samples from the mixture are not identical to each other.
Particle size distinguishes homogeneous solutions from other heterogeneous mixtures. Solutions have particles which are the size of atoms or molecules - too small to be seen.In contrast a suspension is a heterogeneous mixture of larger particles. These particles are visible and will settle out on standing.