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Buddha asked his followers to avoid the two estremes of indulgence in worldly pleasure and the practice of strict abstinence and asceticism.This philosophy of madhyama marga or the Middle Path is reflected in all the issues related to Buddhism
The main teachings of Buddhism are encapsulated in the basic concept of four noble truths or arya satya and eightfold path or astangika marga.
Buddha used Pali language spoken by the masses to propagate his teachings.Buddha allowed lower varnas and women to join the sangha.Four Buddhist councils organised over different periods played a significant role in the propagation of Buddhism.In the fourth council during the reign of Kaniska.Buddhism split into two major sects called Hinayana and Mahayana.Mahayana adopted Sanskrit as its language and started worshipping Buddha in the form of an idol, while Hinayana continued to follow Pali and treated Buddha as a guide.
Buddhism became weak by seventh century AD but the impact of Buddhism can be seen in all spheres of life like Tripitaka,Milinadapanha and Buddhacharita etc.