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Pollution is the addition of harmful substances to the environment. These days the pollution has increased a lot.

The types of pollution are as follows-

1. Air Pollution

2. Water Pollution

3. Food Pollution

4. Noise Pollution

Air Pollution- These days the usage of vehicles has increased a lot leading to the degradation of the air that we breathe. Air pollution is defined as the addition of unwanted substances or toxins to the air. The petrol fumes let out by the vehicles are the most common source of air pollution.

Water Pollution- The water is the most important resource for the living organisms. These days the water has also being degraded a lot. The sources of water pollution are the wastes from the sewage, hotel wastes, etc.

The chemicals thrown from the factories are also the major source of water pollution.

Food Pollution- Due to the usage of the chemicals our food get contaminated. These days the chemicals are used to increase the productivity of the crop. But these harm our crops. The pesticides and the weedicides are the harmful substances which

Noise Pollution- During most of the occasions the loud speakers are used. These increases the noise in the locality. Hearing these for a long time makes the person temporarily hearing impaired.

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