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Animals are made of animal cells joined together.Animal cells are eukaryotic cells.Animal cells are usually smaller than plant cells.Animal cells come in different shapes and sizes,they don't have a regular shape.Animal cells contain cell membrane,nucleus,cytoplasm,mitochondria,vacuole,centrioles,flagella,lysosomes,nucleolus ,peroxisome,ribosome,etc.

Plants are made of plant cells.They are also eukaryotic cells.They are generally bigger than animal cells.Plant cells are usually regular in size and have a cube shaped or rectangular shape,though they can be of different shapes also.Plant cells contain Cell membrane,cell wall, cytoplasm,nucleus,plastids,large vacuole,mitochondria,chloroplasts,microtubules.golgi complex etc.

Here are the diagrams- 
The first one is animal cell and the second is plant cell.