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There are many medicinal plants are found in India.Here some of them are mentioned...- 
1) Neem tree.
Uses- It avoids from skin disorders ie.eczema,eye diseases,dental disorders,tuberculosis,bacterias and worms etc.It avoids pimples, acne and dryness of skin.It is used in hair and nail oil.All the parts of neem tree are useful in some or other way.
2)Aloe vera plant.
Uses- Aloe vera is very good for skin and prevents dryness of skin and pimples or acne and signs of aging.It reduces sunburns,wounds,inflammation and insect bites.It prevents hair fall and reduces dandruff.It reduces cholesterol and keeps the blood sugar normal.It builds our immunity and maintains the oral health.
3)Tulsi plant.
Uses-It helps our digestion and cures respiratory diseases and strengthens kidney.It gives relief from stress and headache.It helps in curing diabetes.
4) Amla.
Uses-It is rich in vitamin c,antioxidants,calcium,fibre,etc.It helps in losing weight, controlling hair fall,helps in digestion,immunity,metabolism,gastric disorders etc.Helps in asthma and bronchitis.
5)Turmeric plant.
Uses-It is a very important spice in indian foods and used to add color and flavor to it.It is carminative and improves digestion, and used for chronic diseases.The consumption of turmeric can strengthen the liver and useful to treat liver conditions such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, and jaundice.It restrains growth of many types of cancer.and cures bacterial infections and wounds(used in antiseptics).
6)Water Hyssop or Brahmi.
Uses-It is considered as one of the most powerful brain tonics in ayurveda and leaves of it are used for improving memory power and intelligence,concentration and relax the nervous system..Helps in healthy blood circulation and boosts cognitive agility.

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