For the immune system to work properly, two things must happen: first, the body must recognize that it has been invaded, either by pathogens or toxins or by some other outside threat. Second, the immune response must be activated quickly, before the invaders destroy many body tissue cells. For the immune system to respond effectively, several conditions must be in place, including the proper interaction of non-specific and specific defenses. The nonspecific defenses on the skin do not identify the antigen (a substance capable of stimulating an immune response or reaction) that is attacking or potentially attacking the body; instead, these defenses simply react to the presence of what it identifies as something foreign. Often, the nonspecific defenses effectively destroy microorganisms, but if these defenses prove ineffective and the microorganisms manage to infect tissues, the specific defenses go into action. The specific defenses function by detecting the antigen in question and mounting a response that targets it for destruction!!!
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our body is having various methods to keep diseases at the very doorstep. When the pathogens enter our body, then our body starts reacting in the form of fever, sneezing , cough etc.. Through fever body is reducing the chance of pathogens spreading easily. Because in very high and cold temperatures pathogens will not exit.

When the germs get entered in to our body through injuries our body undergoes some process( I forgot it's name) and as result the injured part gets swelled and this will take more amount of blood to that area. Here ,at the same time the body wall gets widened and this enable wbc to reach near the germs and they destroy them.

Even after this the germs enter our body , our body produces certain substances to destroy them