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Natural Fibre           
Natural fibers are fibers that are found in nature. Ex: Wool, silk, and cotton etc.

They are good absorbents and so able to absorb heat, temperature, cold , sweat etc. depending on conditions and nature of fibres.

No spinning process is required for filament production.

Comfortable in use.

Their length is naturally obtained and it is not possible to change the fibre structure.

Synthetic Fibre
These fibres are man made or simply prepared in lab. Ex: Nylon, Teflon etc.

They do not have such pores as they are made up of chemicals and so do not act as good absorbents.

Melting, wet or dry spinning processes are used for filament production.

Not as comfortable as natural fibres.

Their lengths can be controlled by man and the fibres can easily be changed to different structures.
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