1)For making cake, baking powder is taken . If at home your mother uses baking soda instead of baking powder in cake. a) How will it affect the taste of the cake and why? b) How can baking soda be converted into baking powder? c) What is the role of tartaric acid added to baking soda? 2) Name the acid present in ant sting and give its chemical formula. Also give the common method to get relief from the discomfort caused by the ant sting




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(a)it will not affect the taste of the cake in any case.
(b)baking soda and baking powder are same, few call it soda while others call it powder
(c)it is used to generate CO2 which makes cake fluffier

Ant sting has formic acid whose formula is CH2O2. common method to get relief if by rubbing a soap or any weak base on it
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