If in a triangle, one angle is a right angle, then no other angle can be an obtuse angle.  

For e.g in Δ ABC, if ∠B is right angle, then

m∠A + m∠B + m∠C=180
∴m∠A + 90 + m∠C=180
∴m∠A + m∠C=90

Thus the sum of remaining two angles is 90° and so none of them could be obtuse or even a right angle.
In a triangle the sum of all angles is always equal to 180° but in the given question the angle is greater than 180°(right angle=90° and,obtuse angle=<90°,both of their sum is more than 180° and then addition to it third angle)so a triangle with both obtuse and right angle is not possible it doesn't form a triangle