Dear Sir, Please give me some ideas on topics ELOCUTION ESSAY WRITING for an interschool competition for High school students - Are we still superstitious ? (For elocution ), Pleasures of reading (For essay writing) An early reply will be very much appreciated 1.ARE ubjects for Elocution Essay Writing)




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Are We Still Superstitious?

1) Superstitions were born since man couldn't understand the forces of nature.
2) We were always scared of terrible tragedies like natural calamities, etc.
3) Science usually explained most of the natural phenomena occurring.
4) Superstitions have decreased so far in the present age, but it has still not passed out of everyone's minds.
5) The uneducated are the ones who are mostly fooled in the name of superstitions.

Pleasures of Reading

1) Books are usually called man's best friend as they always help us out in different feats.
2) They are our companions in differents tiers of solitude.
3) Reading different kinds of books is great for passing the time.
4) Phones, TVs, computers can't give the pleasure we get from reading.
5) We can get knowledge about our state, country or even the whole world.
6) Reading helps to enlighten our mind and soul.

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