Collection of medicinal plants and its uses . how to prepare medicine using those med. plants?? plz help me on this . give the names of @least 13 common medicinal plants ?

You want the names of the plants, their uses and how are medicines prepared using them, right?



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Some medicinal plants are as follows:
v Amla : Cough, cold, diabetes, purgative, excessive acid in gastric juices
v Ashoka: Menstrual pain, uterine complaints, diabetes
v Aloe Vera: Suntan, athlete’s foot, allergic reactions of skin
v Sage: Loss of hunger, gas, indigestion, loose motions
v Tulsi: Cough, cold, bronchitis, cough medicine
v Ashwagandha: Anxiety, nerve ailments, to stimulate sexual desire
v Henna: Sensation of over-heating, for reduction of inflammation
v Neem: Tranquilizer, epilepsy, hypertension, pain reliever
v Cinnamon: Bronchitis, bronchial asthma, fever, heart ailments
v Clove: Local anesthetic, antibacterial for teeth and gums
v Sarpagandha: Hypertension, sleeplessness
v Cassia tora: Hemorrhoids
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