Main points of Max Planck's Atomic theory:
Atomic theory owes a lot to the Planck Quantum theory. The revolution of electrons round the nucleus and the energy of the orbits being discrete is based on the Planck's quantum theory.The electron with its negligible mass behaves like a photon in its revolution and is called photo electron. This theory is put forward by Albert Einstein in his Photo electric effect.Thus every electron in an atom has its own discrete energy and moves around the nucleus. If external energy is supplied to an electron it gets excited and goes to a higher orbit.When it returns to its normal state, it releases the absorbed energy. This is the basis of the hydrogen spectrum and thus the establishment of radius, velocity and energy of an electron and orbit.The Heisenberg uncertainty principle and the deBroglie principle to establish the position of electron in an orbit and the dual nature of electron is based on the 

Planck's Quantum equation of angular momentum is 
nh/2πwhere n = the number of orbit

The spacial orientation and spin of the electron proposed by Schrodinger also is based on the Plancks quantum theory. 
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