Argue that godparticle can either exist or not exist. If an object exists, it can be scientifically quantified (measured and evaluated relative to its mass, energy, location, capabilities, and other qualities). For example, scientists have quantified millions of items ranging from from dark holes in outer space to tiny atomic particles (such as the recently discovered Higgs Boson). If something cannot be scientifically quantified, it does not exist physically (in time and space). They will say god is spirit, in all things, and all things are in him. Spiritual entities such as god, devil, heaven, hell, angels, demons, etc. have never been and cannot be scientifically quantified. Therefore these spiritual items are not proven to exist (except in the minds of religious individuals). This argument can obviously be turned around and be stated, "well, how can you explain the other 96% of the universe, that we don't see by modern technology?" Well, that might seem a good question, except one can extrapolate and extend the known information about constellations and galaxies to imply that the rest are consistent, but the concept of god is not of a material being but is said to be of "revelation, inspiration, writings, teachings, faith and belief".ReligionScienceHuman BodyReligious belief.Big Bang is by god or scientifically. Etc