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Factors would include: 
-High salt intake in your diet
-Lack of any physical activity
-Stress (would cause the release of the hormone adrenaline, leading to your heart beating faster, increasing the pressure in your veins) 
-Drinking regularly over the recommended limit of units per day
-Older age in general
-Genetics (so a family history of high blood pressure that is basically in your genes)

to name a few anyhow. I hope this helps.
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Symptoms would include getting out of breath really easily, feeling tired, dizzyness (as not getting enough oxygen to the brain due to the high blood pressure)
Curing it however would include factors such as reducing the salt intake in your diet, more exercise, some medication helps (can't remember the type right now), not drinking regularly, not smoking, more physical activity, ways to reduce stress ect. (sorry, i don't know if there is an edit button that can edit my original post)