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Bile Juice
i) It helps to remove acids from our stomach.
ii) It kills the germs and bacteria which comes in with the food we eat.
iii) It helps in the emulsification of fats. In emulsification, fat molecules are broken down mechanically into smaller droplets so that the enzymes responsible for their breakdown can act on them easily. 
Pancreatic juice
i) They help in the digestion of starch.
ii) They 
carry out about half of protein digestion.
iii) They are responsible for fat digestion because the pancreas is essentially the only source of lipases
iv) They help to digest nucleic acids.
Intestinal juice
i) They help to break down peptides into amino acids.
ii) They help to break down lipids into fatty acids and glycerol.
They help to break down nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) into nucleotide.

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