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I am giving you some points for your help

start from what india is today and tell about abdul kalam idea of developed india as he said that india should be developed till 2020 but is it happening in real and than tell about your idea about a develop india that how it should be.
Developed India is when we are free from terrorism, there is a unity in the people and all the people have to leave behind their religions and stand saying that we belong from India.There should not be any racism in casts and all the people should be treated as the same that is there should not be any caste benefits.

Equality in the people is the one and most important thing which we would bring a developed country in front of the world with unity.Foreigners should come to India for studying and investing on our industries. We should be so flexible and our attitude should be gentle so that each and every person should have the greed to get settled in India and for that we need to make them feel India as one of the most safest place, free from terror attacks, free to roam anywhere in the country without any fear and then we would be able to make an Elysium in India