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Save the world, save our lives 2.Pollution is no solution 3.We are the world 4.Save our world, save our future 5.Reduce reuse recycle 6.Save energy to save our planet 7.Earth rocks 8.Play your role 9.Conserve the earth, it is the only one we have 10.I love the earth 11.Love the earth, love life 12.Earth day - earth shattering consequences 13.Protect our earth for future generations 14.Stats to bring you down to earth 15.Think green 16.Greening the environment 17.Be seen to be green 18.Earth day greening Go to the ends of the earth 19.Recycle the present, save the future 20.Be seen to go green 21.Keep it green 22.Green our planet - the best place on earth 23.The world is in our hands 24.Think green 25.Save the planet 26.Set the scene with green 27.Earthfest 28.Live earth 29.Every day is earth day 30.Earth day - down to earth initiatives 31.Stand up for the earth 32.Make your green mark 33.Save our world 34.Renew the earth 35.Earth caretaker 36.Make every day earth day 37.Save our planet, save ourselves 38.Green and protect the earth 39.Help save the planet 40.Don't panic, go organic 41.Rebirth our earth 42.Be earth wise 43.Be earth friendly 44.Eco earth 45.Earth day: join the fight, do what's right 46.Be environmentally conscious 47.Unite and save the earth 48.Earth focus for the future 49.Coexist with nature this earth day 50.Earth day rocks 51.Love our earth, love life 52.Earth saver 53.Save water, save life 54.Save water - every drop counts 55.Water saver