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A brochure is an easy way to present a wide variety of different kinds of research while incorporating pictures, text and statistics

Explore and locate the amenities of the location. 

Find out what the residents are saying. 

Pick your target audience. 

Determine the price of your travel package. 

now time for writing
Use specialized fonts and lettering.

Write a captivating title.

Hook your audience with the opening sentence.

Write each of your sections.

Copy and edit testimonials.

Include a price section.

Link the viewer to other sources.

Choose eye-catching photos.

Consider the color scheme carefully.

Add in borders, asterisks, and designs. 

Organize the brochure so the copy and visuals work together.

Invest in a professional printing company.

Provide a final copy proof. 

Things needed

Heavy paper

Colored pencils, magic markers, rulers, ball point pens, etc. (for handmade brochures)

Printer (preferably large (business) rather than desktop)



If you are a student, make sure to follow what your teacher requires.Instead of using computers, students should try out their own skills at creating a hand made brochure. Colored pencils, magic markers, and rulers can get the job done well.A professional should always follow the guidelines of the organization. Before you print and send the brochure out, make sure that management and legal have okayed the brochure.Do not use pictures unless they are of the actual destination. People do not want to be lied to about what vacation they are going on. This can result in problems/litigation with the travel organization.
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