The internal and external diameters of a hollow hemispherical vessel are 24cm and 25cm respectively. The cost to paint 1 sq. cm of surface is Rs. 1.75. Find the total cost to the nearest rupee to paint the vessel all over. Ignore the area of the edge. (Take ᴫ= 3.14)

means the hemisphere has a thick wall ??
u are talking about one hemisphere only??
yeah one hemisphere only
0.5 cm thick i guess


Area of vessel= [22×(3×12.5×12.5+12×12)]/7 =1925.78571=1925.79 Cost=area ×1.75 =1925.79×1.75 =3370.1325 =rs. 3370.13
Area =3.14×612.75=1924.035=1924.04 ,, cost=1924.04×1.75= Rs.3367.07
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