On a pleasant morning,a boy was very hungry and he don't know how to get food because he was below the poverty line.He begged everyone for his survival but no one was ready to help him.He was very hungry and crossed a place where trees are hanging with ripen mangoes.He was so happy that god has shown him some way to cure his hunger but the place was belonging to the richest man of that town who was so strict and rude towards everyone.
The person working in the field saw the boy with hunger and called him inside.The boy went inside and asked for a mango.The worker gave him 5 mangoes.The boy was very happy but the workers nearby him saw what he was doing.The other workers spread this to everyone in the town.The worker's children and the owner's child were studying in the same school.The worker's children spread a rumour to everyone in the school about this incident.By somehow the owner's daughter came to know about this and reported to her father.The next day,the owner called the worker and the boy.When they both arrived,he bet them with a wooden stick till they die.They both died because of a rumour spread by the children.
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