Then i apply bandage on pigeon's injury part. And till it becomes better i wait and give him stay at my home and takecare all of pigeon's need. After few days he becomes much better and get ready to fly, then i open his cage to let him go, but he don't, then i again call him to fly but he don't. Then i let the cage open. At Night when i sleep, i saw a dream! i saw that an angle comes to me and saying me that "you bless the pigeon ,this was not pigeon, this was angle send to you by God to take your Exam that what will you do..As you bless on him, God become much happy from you and Also blessed on you and Removed all you Sins".
After watching that dream i woke up and suddenly run to see the cage, when i reached there, there was no any pigeon in cage and the cage door was closed.
I really Wondered to think about all the situation. Then I Thanked to God and get promise to not to do sins Again.

         If we do any bad deed which makes God Really Happy then he Ignore all your bad deed. Like that if you do much Good Deeds but when you do any one big bad deed by which he becomes much angry then he don't see your good deeds. So we always have to please God and thanked him of All of his blessings.