49 silver park,
delhi 110051

date-3rd december,2015

my dearest friend
    i am fine and happy here and hope the same for know last month we celebrated diwali the festival of lights.

hope you know that diwali is my favorite festival. diwali is celebrated after 20 days of dusshera.diwali unlike other festivals have it's own significance as on this day lord rama came back to ayodhya after 14 years. on this day people decorate their houses with lights, diyas and candles. people wear new cloths and delicious food items are made. people burn crackers and wish each other a 'happy diwali'. on this day godess laxmi and lord ganesha are prayed. this year i also celebrated diwali with all my school friends and relatives. hope that you also celebrated diwali with great joy and happiness.

pay my regards to uncle and aunt and love to your younger brother and sister.

your friend