Guru Nanak Dev was born in Talwandi ( now in Pakistan ). We know much more about his life and teachings. Nanak emphasized worship of one god ( Ik Onkar ). In the hymns he composed, he preached true devotion to God as the only path to salvation. A guru, he said, can lead people on the path of bhakti. He advised people to lead an honest line and help others. He rejected class and caste differences and preached equality. He started the practice of langars or common kitchens. Here, people of all classes and castes ate together, something that the caste rules of that time did not allow. Guru Nanak insisted on three principles which contain the essence of life. These principles were ' नाम जपो ' or meditate, ' कीरत करो ' or work hard and earn your livelihood by honest means and ' वंद छको ' or share your earnings with those less fortunate than you. Guru Nanak attracted a large no. of followers. These were primarily peasants, artisans, craftsmen and traders. He wanted his followers to be householders and earn their livelihood through a useful occupation. Inspired by his teachings, many more people, in later years, began to consider him as their guru.