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When i started my space ship ,it has weird Sound. i worried that if it would not work during drive So what will i do. Then my friend said me to not to worry and just get ready to Ride your New Space Ship ! it was my first Ride on it.
So When i started it and make it speeds fast , I Started to Enjoy Alot because it was great to get Ride in Space. But during enjoying, my ship started shivring very badly and it was out of control.! i try hardly to handle it and try to land it on any planet without any Accident. And i successfully land on one planet. but i don't know that which type of planet is this and what is it name? ..but suddenly i heard a sound of someones talking and slowly i step forward and try to talk with the people who was not looks like me. but unfotunately they fear to see me and they got run away from me, i try to stop them and let them understand that what i have to say but they were not understanding my language..:p
Then i let them go and started walking there and searching for any help to go back on my own planet. it was really dark at that time. i saw lake on some distant and i go there. when i sit near the lake, i saw a person sitting on the other side of lake..i think that in dark, what he is doing here in Alone. I slowly go to him and sit with him. he was in some thinking and he dont see me sitting with him, he was watching to the sky and beautiful stars shining there. I call him  "Listen ! I need you help !" then when he see me first he jumped away from me then he started staring at me. i thaught he was thinking to talk something but he dont. then i again said him that i need you help! 
in slow voice he asked "what do you need? and who are you and where you come from? "
then in sad voice i replied to him and let him know about all my story.
he said that his father is scientist, but in recent contest of inventions he made a space ship but during contest the ship was not working and owners let him out from the contest, thats why i am so sad that how he will prove himself. but i think this ship will be helpfull for you to go back.! .
when i listen to him, there comes a smile on my face and get hope to go back!.
then the boy ask his father to help and his father get ready to renew his ship. he  started working on it and is was getting early. i ask them to work fast as possible as i go back before morning.And we the boy and me were chating and he tell me that this is Earth and he tell me Muce More about his Planet Earth and it people. Then after waiting alot his Father done his work and let me to start it and travell to my own planet. I thanked them both and happily sat in it and start the ship. It was really Nice ship and i Easily travel to My Own Planet. :) I Never Forget this day of My Life. The People Of Earth Are Really blessful and loving. I will Miss My friend who helped me. May he Live Happy Life.

This was My Imaginary Story..;) During Writting this i feel like it was real Experience, but it was just my imaginations. these little things and thinking takes us to the imaginary world and there Adventures , which are Great!
Nice to Answer you..! :)
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